After the Blizzard was rendered using the paint program that was included in Windows 3.1. Yes, I did learn to program with punched cards. How did you ever guess that?
after the blizzard (art)

Graphic Arts

Art adds distinction to a web page. Effectively used, art will add to your page, enhancing your message rather than distracting the viewer.

Using commercial clip art for webpages is something I try to avoid. If artwork for illustration or background, I will usually do my own renderings.

It's not that I consider myself such a great artist; I just get by. However, it gives the pages that I design a distinct look, a discriminator that keeps the page from looking like it was thrown together by someone pulling clip art out of a folder.

Much of the art started while seeking suitable replacements for desktop wallpaper. The images tend to stand by themselves. I've collected most of them into the Art Gallery.

The Assorted Web Graphics shows a diversity of graphics designed for limited usage on webpages. (Temporarily, not available.)

The Making of Personal Perspectives is a page designed from the beginning to show the step by step process I went through in creating my renderings.

The Naval Signal Flags page shows a number of small graphics that I created to exhibit how flags can be used to communicate.

art gallery (page)

My Art Gallery

Assorted Web Graphics

The Making of Personal Perspectives

Naval Signal Flags

assorted web graphics (page)

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