OK, OK, the only cooking I know anything about is CHILI. At least, chili is a noble and worthy topic.

The Good Chili Links contain pointers to a variety of recipes for making the quintessence of chili, pure chili.

The So-so Chili Links contain pointers to those recipes that some deluded souls have called "chili". However, there is no accounting for the taste of some people's children.

Bruce Cameron's column on chili judging provides an alternative perspective.

Other disciplines can be viewed from a cooking perspective. For instance, see the Gourmet's Guide to Data Models.

*THE* Chili Cookoff, Terlingua, 1972

Chili cookoff, Terlingua,
1972 (photo)
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Good Chili Links

So-so Chili Links

W. Bruce Cameron's Chili Judge

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