The Internet has evolved into one of the greatest reference tools ever envisioned by mankind.

That's both the good news and the bad news.

It's good because we can now satisfy a thirst for knowledge almost on demand. On the other side, the Internet has also gained a richly deserved reputation at a purveyor of MIS-information.

It's very democratic. People are as free to speak the truth as they are otherwise.

The links on this page go elsewhere on the Internet. They don't have anything to do with me, or I'd have the links on other pages in my own website. I have found the webpages to be informative at some time or another.

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Recent Arrivals

ARIN Whois
Developer's Daily
Dr. Dobbs Programmer Search
Project Cool
Developer's Gallery
Web Developer's Journal
Web Developer's Virtual Library
Web Techniques
Unified Modeling Language (UML)
Clip Art
Internet Blacklist
Computer Virus Myths and Hoaxes
NetHack (Recreational)
JP Software (4DOS, etc)
Mars Global Surveyor
International System of Units (SI)

General Reference

Electric Library
Reference Desk
US Census
Shakespeare Online
Virtual Computer Library


Free Best Hosts
Internet FAQ Consortium
The World Wide Web Consortium

Web Construction Links

Bobby site validation Site
Carnegie Mellon's Web Publishing Page
Hexadecimal Color Codes
Hot Wired Web Monkey Site
HTML & CGI Unleashed: Web Developers Quick Reference
HTML Goodies Site
HTML Station
The HTML Writers Guild
Index Dot HTML: The Advanced HTML Reference
ISO Latin 1 Character Entities
The Lake Applet
Martin Ramsch-iso8859-1 table
NCSA's Creating HTML Documents Page
NCSA's HTML References Page
Numeric Code Character Entities
O'Reilly publishing
W3 html validation
Weaving Your Web Site
The Web Designer Page
The WebMaster's Reference Library


MSN Tips for taking your first digital photos
MSN Tips for getting great sports shots
MSN PhotoChallenge -- Get a little closer
MSN Beyond pretty pictures
MSN Avoid holiday photo flubs

Research links:

Home Page of Paul Schlyter
SIDC RWC Brussels World Data Center for the Sunspot Index
Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy
Where is the International Space Station?
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Subdimension Freemail

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