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Where do you go from here?

Congratulations. Years of hard work and effort have made you successful at your business. No one knows your job, your product, your market, your customers better than you do. Whatever you're doing, it must be good.

The call of the net

Perhaps you've considered having a web site for your business. Maybe you've even gone as far as building a few web pages on your own before you realized that it was taking time from what you do well. Websites are evolutionary. They don't spring up over night. You build them a single HTML tag at a time.

Making sense out of chaos

Of course, you could hire an employee to maintain your website for you, but that doesn't make sense when you do the math. The Internet landscape is littered with the remains of dot-coms that didn't quite make it.

What you do best

What would make more sense is to have someone who knew what they were doing looking after your website for you. That way, you'd be able to continue concentrating on the things you do best, your business. We'd be able to focus on what we do best, enhancing your website until it reflects you and your business.

The measured approach

This way, you'd be able to explore different ideas that you have. See if you can branch out into the e-commerce when the time is right, and you feel the move is as comfortable and natural as expanding your physical office.

Does a small business really need its own web site? See Growing Web-wise.

What do you put on your web site? See Typical business web pages.

Need a hand establishing a web site? Or just an innovative point of view? From research and development to operations and training for technology managers, we've been solving complex computer problems for years. Consulting services are available via email. Drop us a line at, and we'll see what we can work out together.

Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform

CompTIA Certified Internetwork Professional (iNet+)

Consulting services world-wide via email. Consulting on-site in-person is available in the Northern Virginia region. Negotiable elsewhere.

Available consulting services

Economical service packages

Your outsource Webmaster

Prospective clients in Northern Virginia might consider the Herndon-Dulles or Herndon-Reston area web markets as starting points for their website.

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