Sunset, Northern Virginia, 2000
Sunset, Northern Virginia, 2000
J. W. Rider

Photography and Imagery

Photography has been a long time avocation. It's only been in the past few years that using photography as augment to web crafting has been popular.

Digital photography provides a lot of immediate gratification. You can see the image almost as soon as you expose it. Furthermore, you can manipulate the image afterwards, adjusting colors, removing specks and other "detractants".

Of course, film photography still has purpose when it comes to producing the best resolution detail. When I'm out on photo shoots, I'll bring both digital and my ancient 35mm SLR.

Even when the photos are not intended for web page use, retouching images can bring new life to your favorite photos. Slightly flat images can be given more depth and color. Black and white images can be tinted.

The links below point to photographs and image collections that I have assembled for sharing with others.

Drawing a blank when trying to think of something to photograph? Try my photo idea page for something to think about.

Some of my images have been featured on nationally-affiliated local television. See Weather Photography for more info.

Budding Shutterbug, 2000
Budding Shutterbug, 2000
Baseball, South of the Border, 1972
Baseball, South of the Border, 1972

Some of the contemporary images

Retouching personal photos

Some of the older film photography

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