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Research and Development

The frontier of knowledge is vast and its intricacies, bewildering. You cannot tackle the whole frontier, but you can penetrate the unknown in small steps to make progress.

My interests tend to be diverse. My education and career background is strongly influenced by science and technology. I have done considerable research and development efforts in math, science, engineering and technology. Some people learn computer programming first and then apply it to new disciplines. I learned computer programming to help me solve problems in the advanced disciplines.

The latest and greatest in computer programming, see The Evolution of Software Engineering Paradigms

What can you do with a great idea? See Great Ideas.

What does it means when you connect A to B? See System Diagramming Essentials

If you think that client/server computing divides computers into clients and servers, think again. What is Client/Server Computing?

Probability Distribution Relationships diagram
Probability Distributions

A Hierarchy of Modules

Come up with more descriptive names for categories classes, kinds, and types. See Categories.

Thoughts on General Structure

Interested in sizing up the various data models available for data-base management systems? See Data Models. (For the fast food version, see Gourmet's Guide to Data Models.)

Getting from point A to B might take more than a single step. If it's worth doing once,... It's worth doing many times

They might seem a little dated, but flowcharts seem to be understandable by almost everyone. See Control Flow Fundamentals

A gathering of efforts

Some of my older efforts have involved programming of some kind of another. Or trying to figure out how one programming language could be transitioned into another one. These are hardly the best works, but they do show some variety.

Programming Language comparisons

C Language Reference

Loan Scheduling

PRINTF() Reference

Numerical Math

Numerical Math types

Numerical Special Functions

Numerical Linear Programming

Knapsack Algorithm

Probability distribution functions

A scattering of efforts

Most of the following links are to other sites , where some of my research and development efforts have been exhibited. [Note: other websites may be reorganized faster than I can update links here.]

new world
view page

randomize page

Using Maps with Delphi to Create a New World View

Financial Calculations

Using Pal to randomize an array or table

General purpose array manipulation routines in Object Pascal

Sorting algorithms

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