A web site is place where a webmaster must figure out how to juggle webpages without losing the message being sent to the public.

On one hand, all the pages of the site should present a reasonable consistency. There should never be the slightest doubt in the viewer's mind about where the page is located.

On the other hand, every webpage stands by itself, an individual work of art cast in electrons and pixels, fonts and images. They need to be custom-crafted to communicate their multi-faceted messages to viewers.

The distinctive red and black tartan skirt worn by the players inspired the color scheme for the team webpage. In addition to the obvious background tile, custom made for the site, a scheme of shades of dark red were chosen to create the containing rectangles to mark off text.
herndon field hockey page

The hardest part of putting together good web pages is figuring out what you want to say from the first. Once that obstacle is hurdled, the issue of figuring out what the words should be and how to illustrate the page seem minor by comparison. When you have a lot to share, creative means are essential to distribute diverse information.

For a good idea about the kinds of pages that you might want to include in your own business website, see Typical Business Web Pages.

The Herndon Field Hockey site typifies the kind of composition that takes place in order to show the viewer what it's like to play as a team at the same time as it strives to show what it means to the players as both individuals and team members. The site relies heavily on digital photography.

Prospective clients in the Herndon-Dulles area of Northern Virginia might consider the Herndon-Dulles area web market as a starting point for their website.

The World's Greatest Webpage combines humor with a journalistic style report to demonstrate various aspects of using HTML.

The Guide to Free Web and Email is now ancient and outdated by Internet standards. You have to keep moving ahead in order to keep from falling behind. However, the web portion of the site can direct you to many of the sites where I have experimented with web page design.

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The World's Greatest Webpage

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